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ShengShou 5x5

Sold out.

One of the best 5x5’s on the market. Perfect for people that want to get faster at the 5x5 cube. The mechanism gives it extremely smooth turns, and decent lock-up prevention and corner cutting. It can also be modified to improve performance. Was used as part of the 5x5 single and average of 5 world records.

Reasons to get this Cube

- You get a great cube for speedsolving; with smooth turns, corner cutting, and few pops.

- The pieces are molded from high quality plastic.

- The cube comes preassembled, stickered, and lubed, so you can speedsolve with it as soon as you get it!

- There are adjustable tensions on the cube, so you can change the tension to fit your cubing style.

- You can modify the cube to improve the performance even more. 

What you get when you order this Cube

- 1 Black or White 5x5

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