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Gans 356S v2 Advanced

Lubricate and tension the cube for $3.99! Notify us of any specific requests in the Notes to Seller section on the Cart page.

Customizations Total: $0.00

The Gans 356S v2 is the successor to the very popular Gans 356. It features the new center caps of the Gans 356S as well as other small improvements to improve stability and control over the cube.

Note: The Gans 356S v2 has an octopus core that is adjusted with a tool. This is the advanced version of the Gans 356S v2, if you are looking for the master version, click here. They both feature half bright stickers from Gans (Not the same as our half-bright scheme)

What is included:

- 1 Gans 356S v2 Advanced

- 1 Plastic Tool for adjusting tensions

- 1 Instruction pamphlet on how to adjust tensions

Cube Dimensions: 56mm x 56mm x 56mm

Custom Sticker's Cut: Gans 356S

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