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CubeDepot Rocket GTS2 M Lite

The CubeDepot Rocket GTS2 M Lite is a magnetized MoYu GTS2 with a very stable feel and enjoyable turning. We have magnetized it with magnets that are weaker than the ones in our standard magnetized version that leaves the cube with a slicker, smother feeling.

We have placed 48 magnets into the puzzle to create the magnetic feel as well as improve the stability and lockup issues on other 3x3s. Each magnet is hand placed by our team. Our team then sets up and stickers the puzzle to our high Rocket standards. You can choose the scheme you would like on the puzzle above, and if not selections are made, then we will sticker it with a full bright sticker scheme. If you have any preference for how the cube is set up, be sure to let us know.

The cube will also come with a CubeDepot Rocket Cube logo (stickerless cubes included).

Don't need our magnetized version? Check out our professionally set up non-magnetized version here!

What is included:

- 1 CubeDepot Rocket GTS2 M Lite

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